Atlas® TTC301 Heavy Duty Truck Tire Changer

This Heavy Duty Atlas® truck tire changer is designed and engineered to handle rim sizes from 13 inches to 27 inches and tire diameters in excess of 63 inches. The Atlas® TTC-301 truck tire changer can easily accommodate tires with a maximum width of 30.5 inches.

This tire changer has been sold all over the world for the last several years and is the result of a joint venture between a very prestigious Italian wheel service manufacturer and the premier wheel service equipment manufacturer in Asia.

The Atlas® TTC 301 truck tire changer is the perfect choice for the large truck tire center that does high volume truck tire work on standard over the road wheel assemblies.

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Features Include

  • Handles Rims From 3 3/8″ To 27″ And
  • Tire Diameters In Excess Of Over 63″
  • Changes Tires With A Maximum Width Of Up To 30 1/2″
  • 5 Different Rim Locking Positions
  • Portable Control Unit

Specifications Include

Atlas® TTC-301 Specifications
Rims From 3 3/8" 27" (2' 3")
Min. Clamping Size W/ Aluminum Adapters 6 3/8"
Max. Wheel Weight 3,300 lb.
Max. Tire Diameter 63" (5' 3")
Max. Tire Width 30 1/2" (2' 6 1/2")
Hydraulic Motor Power 2 Hp/(+/- )220 V
Chuck Motor Power 3 Hp/(+/- )220 V
Operating Pressure 0 1,885 psi
Bead Breaker Force 4,112 lb.
Tool Arm Positioning Manual
Tool Head Positioning Manual
Packaging Size 60" (5' L X 63" (5' 3") W X 41" (3' 5") H
Shipping Weight 1,400 lb.


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