Atlas Platinum PTC500 Tire Changer, PWB90XL 3D Wheel Balancer Combo

The Atlas® Platinum PTC500 Center Post Tire Changer is designed for high-volume tire shops that deal with the most challenging wheel and tire combinations in the market.

The Atlas® Platinum PTC500 includes patented, innovative features that make it stand out from the competition! The first of these is the “Lever/No-Lever System” which allows the machine to be used with a standard tire tool/lever or in a “leverless” mode with no manual tools required. The second outstanding feature is the “Smart Lock” system which allows the tire to be mounted and immediately locked in position with a flip of the lever which eliminates the need to manually thread the center cone or to maintain a complicated pneumatic locking system. The external bead seating system makes inflating even the most challenging tires a breeze. Finally, the integrated wheel lift helps reduce employee lifting injuries or damage to expensive wheels.

The Atlas® Platinum range of wheel service equipment has a 2 year warranty and incorporates the highest quality Italian designed components and engineering to assure it is the best value available at its price.

The Atlas® Platinum PWB90XL Super Automatic 3D Data Entry has a single data entry gauge for offset and diameter, and touchless sonar for rim width (no old-fashioned measuring arm). Using the weight placement arm, the user can choose the most convenient location to put the weights, and a Laser Line guides the operator back to the exact location after the spin cycle, eliminating any possibility for human error and ensuring first time zero/zero results. The Fast & Easy Split function (FES) makes hiding adhesive weights behind the spokes a breeze and the Opposite Weight Function (OWF), allows the operator to change the weight application position from 12 o’clock to 6 o’clock for convenient access when applying adhesive weights. Optimization of tire and wheel unbalance (match mounting) is possible with the PWB90XL via OPTIMATCH software and makes balancing even the most difficult assemblies easy and efficient.

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Features include

  • Clamping Range: 12” to 30”
  • Maximum Tire Diameter:  43”
  • Includes Patented ‘Lever No Lever System’ and ‘Smart Lock’ quick lock system
  • Integrated Hand-Held Beadblast and Pedal operated Wheel Lift
  • 2 yr parts warranty

Specification include

Clamping Range 12" - 30"
Max Tire Diameter 47"
Max Tire Width 15"
Bead Breaker Cylinder Force At 145 PSI 6924
Operating Pressure 145 (PSI)
Motor Power 110V
Rotating Speed 7rpm
Pre-set tire inflating pressure 40 PSI
Gross Weight 885 lbs



Features include

  • Super automatic 3D data entry
  • Fast and easy split function (FES)
  • Has laser line
  • High resolution monitor display
  • Optimatch software

Specifications include

Max Wheel Diameter 43" (1100mm)
Rim Diameter 10"-30"
Rim Width 1 ½"-20"
Shaft Size 40mm
Max. Wheel Weight 165 lbs (75 kg)
Balancing Speed 130 R.P.M
Power Supply 110VAC 1Ph
Accuracy 1 g
Cycle Time 7 seconds
Shipping Weight 290 lbs


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