AFF 31400B Stand-Up Parts Washer 40-Gal, with Pump

AFF Parts Washers are designed for fast and efficient cleaning of vehicle parts and sub-assemblies. All have durable baked enamel finishes and fusible linked fire covers for safety (always wear the appropriate face and hand protection when using a parts cleaner). Our complete line of parts washers and accessories are designed for use with water-based cleaners (aqueous) for faster, more efficient cleaning.


Specifications include

  • 22-gallon working capacity
  • 50 GPH pump output
  • Safety GFCI plug at 110V/0.5A
  • Removable work shelf and parts basket
  • UL Listed on complete unit
  • 45” x 21-1/4” x 35-5/8” overall dimensions
  • Ship weight 107 lbs.


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