AMGO AX-12 Open Center, Scissor Auto Lift 12,000-lb Capacity

AMGO’s AX-12 has great performance, and it is the perfect choice for your commercial service. This heavy-duty scissor lift has four cylinders, and each dual cylinder is designed to assure the optimal lifting level on both platforms. The AX-12 is made stronger, more versatile, and easier to use and can lift 12,000lbs.

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Features include.

  • 2 dual synchronous cylinders are used to assure the optimal lifting level on both platforms.
  • Electro-air control system, which operates the self-lock safety mechanism.
  • Heavy-duty design, the X serial scissor lift uses a 5 7/8” x 3” (150 x 75mm) tube to make it stronger and assures the runways remain level during operations.
  • Skid proof diamond platform provides traction for tires to stay put.

Specifications include.

Model AX-12
Style Non-Alignment
Lifting Capacity 12,000 lbs (5,500 kg)
Lifting Time 75S
A1: Max. Lifting Height 73 5/8″ (1870mm)
A2: Minimum Height 11 3/4″ (300mm)
B: Runway Length 197 1/2″ (5018mm)
C: Overall Width 90 1/8″ (2290mm)
D: Width Between Runway  41″ (1040mm)
E: Overall Length(Inc. Ramps) 267″ (6784mm)
Motor 2.0HP 220V/60Hz Single Phase
Gross Weight 4,925 lbs (2,259 kg)



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