Atlas® 1,000 lb. Capacity Air Operated Motorcycle Lift, CYCLELIFT

The Atlas® Cycle Lift has one of the industry's longest (standard) platforms to accommodate the extra long motorcycles. The motorcycle lift has a heavy gauge (diamond plated) platform length of 93 inches and an additional 20 inch removable approach ramp. The Atlas® Cycle Lift is air operated and requires between 90-100 PSI to operate.

The Atlas® Cycle Lift is the perfect addition any service department of professional motorcycle dealers or is a great motorcycle lift for the person who wants to work on his personal bike in his own garage. This is a complete motorcycle lift that includes an adjustable front (padded) wheel vise and a heavy duty air operated foot valve for easy raising and lowering. The stabilizing bar is included at no extra charge. This bar provides greater stability for the raised platform by increasing the “footprint” of the lift. Many companies do not include this very important stabilizing bar in their “lift package”.

The Atlas® Cycle Lift motorcycle lift has a 19 1/2" removable rear section. This 19 1/2" section can be easily removed so that a rear tire can be can easily be "dropped straight down" from the rear axle. Since the entire platform width is removed, any sized rim can be lowered from the axle.

For those customers who need an even longer platform, the Atlas® Cycle Lift can be equipped with the Atlas® Chopper Extension. The Atlas® Chopper Extension adds 13" to your lift table platform, making the total length 106". The Atlas® Cycle Lift equipped with the Atlas® Chopper Extension is one of the longest motorcycle lifts on the market.

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Feature and Specifications Include

  • 1,000 lbs. Weight Capacity
  • Diamond Plate Surface
  • 93" Table Length
  • 500 lb. Shipping Weight
  • 33" Full Rise
  • Air Operated
  • Foot Pedal Included
  • Shipping Dimensions: 85 1/2" x 26" x 13 1/4"
  • Warranty:  1 year limited warranty; parts only material and workmanship 90 days on wear items.



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