Atlas® 200_700 Series Deluxe Motorcycle Adapters, TC-DX-MC

The Deluxe Motorcycle Adapter kit is designed to enlarge the clamping range of all Atlas® wheel clamp tire changers. The deluxe motorcycle adapter kit is installed over the existing turntable clamping jaws to increase the external clamping range of the turntable jaws.

The increased rim diameter capability provided by the Deluxe Motorcycle adapter kit, not only great for changing motorcycle tires but also for larger automotive and truck tires, is not the only advantage of this new adapter set. 

Unlike the standard motorcycle adapter kit for tire changers, this new deluxe version has two mounting locations which allow for the widest range of rim diameter capability. The height of the deluxe motorcycle adapter kit clamping jaws allows the wheels to be elevated above the solid wheel clamp turntable. This added elevation is useful when doing motorcycle tires and will allow many rear wheels to be clamped effectively.

The use of the Deluxe Motorcycle Adapters prevents the use of the air bead blast feature on the majority of tire changers. The Deluxe Motorcycle Adapters are slid over the standard wheel clamp jaws on the tire changer table and will block the holes through which the bead blast shoots the jets of air. This means that you will not be able to use the bead blaster to help you reseat the bead of a tire when you are using this adapter set.


Specifications Include

Atlas® 200/700 Series Deluxe Motorcycle Adapter Clamping Ranges

TC221 / TC229 / TC733
Internal Clamping Range 12-7/8" - 30-1/8"
External Clamping Range 10-7/8" - 28-1/8"
TC289 / TC755
Internal Clamping Range 15-7/8" - 36"
External Clamping Range 13-7/8" - 34"
*Internal and external clamping ranges included the (3) three jaw positions on each tire changers turntable.


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