Atlas® FM9SL Flush Mount, Full Rise Scissor Lift, 9,000-lb Capacity

The Atlas® FM9SL 9,000 lb. flush mounted scissor lift is the perfect choice for those service facilities that need to maximize the number of vehicle lifts per service area square foot. If you like the “clean floor look” for your service department (no above ground lifts), then the Atlas® flush mounted scissor lift offers the perfect alternative. Unlike “old school in-ground” lifts, the flush mounted lift requires minimal excavation, and the electric/hydraulic power unit is easily accessed during periodic maintenance.

The flush mounted platforms offer no “above ground” obstruction and the platforms can be “driven over” from any direction so that a vehicle may be properly positioned in the tightest of spaces. The Atlas® FM9SL has both front and rear platform extensions that can be used when lifting a long wheelbase pick-up truck.

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Features include

  • 9,000 LB. capacity
  • 71 1/2″ (5′ 11 1/2″) max lifting height
  • Extendable platforms on BOTH ends
  • No above ground obstruction
  • CE Certified
  • Air actuated locks
  • Open middle for easy access
  • Separate Self-Contained Control Panel
  • Shipping Weight: 2,025-lb

Specifications include

Atlas® FM9SL Specifications
Lifting Capacity 9,000 lbs.
Max Lifting Height Above Floor w/ Standard Lifting Blocks 73 3/4" (6' 1 3/4")
Max Lifting Height Above Floor w/o Standard Lifting Blocks 71 " (5' 11 ")
Overall Length w/ Extensions out 80 " (6' 8 ")
Overall Length w/ Extensions in 64 " (5' 4 ")
Platform Width 21 "
Platform Thickness 4"
Minimum Lowered Height 13"
Width Between Platforms Adjustable up to 31"
Power Unit +/- 220 volt / Single Phase
Locks Actuated Air
Oil Requirement 5 Gallons AW32/AW46
Shipping Weight 2,025 lbs.


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