Atlas® Hands Free Clamp For Tire Changers

The Atlas® hands-free clamp is the perfect solution to help mount the stiff sidewall tires found on many of today’s vehicles.

The Atlas® hands-free clamp functions as "another set of hands" and allows the user to hold (and keep) the stiff tire bead below the edge of the rim and closer to the drop-center of the wheel while he concentrates on mounting the tire. Holding the stiff bead below the edge of the rim is necessary so that the sidewall of the tire has more "room" to move and flex. This extra "room" prevents the bead from being stretched as the tire moves over the mount/demount head, and allows the operator to "bar over the tire" with greater ease and less risk of damage to the tire.

The Atlas® hands-free clamp works perfectly with the Atlas® brand of tire changers and is compatible with most other brands of wheel clamp tire changers.



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