Atlas® Platinum Wheel Alignment Kit with Slip Plates and Turn Tables, PVL-ALIKIT

The Atlas Platinum Alignment Kit includes a set of heavy duty ball bearing slip plates along with two heavy duty turntables. The alignment kit bolts on to your PVL-14 four post lift, turning it into a alignment lift.

If you are considering performing two wheel or four wheel alignments in your shop, then the ALI Certified Atlas Platinum Alignment Kit is the perfect addition to your ALI Certified Platinum PVL-14.

Many permanent alignment kits found on four post alignment lifts are recessed into the runways of the lift. It is very difficult to prevent dirt, chemicals, salt, and other foreign material from becoming embedded in the rolling or sliding mechanisms of the turn tables or the slip plates. The Atlas Platinum Alignment Kit is positioned above the runways to allow easy access for service and cleaning. Even if you permanently mount the Atlas Platinum Alignment Kit, it can still be removed periodically (simply remove the bolts) to allow a thorough cleaning and servicing of all moving parts.

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Features Include

  • Turn your Platinum PVL-14 into an alignment lift
  • Includes slip plates and turntables.
  • Atlas accessories are meant for Atlas lifts, not other brands.

Specifications Include

Atlas Platinum Alignment Kit
Overall Length 199 1/3” (5062mm)
Overall Width 20 5/8” (524mm)
Min. Wheel Base 75 2/5” (1915mm)
Max. Wheel Base 148 2/3” (3776mm)
Min. Turntable Recess 1 1/2” (40mm)
Max. Turntable Recess 2” (50mm)
Included Turntable Dimensions 17 ¾” x 17 ¾”


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