Atlas® PSP-6000 - 6,000 lb. Portable Single Post Auto Lift

The Atlas PSP-6000 portable single post lift is the perfect choice for the commercial service shop or the Mr. Homeowner who does not want to tie up a bay space with a permanently mounted above ground lift. This portable vehicle lift allows the operator to walk under the vehicle or move around the vehicle to perform wheel service. When the Atlas PSP-6000 is not in use, it may be rolled out of the way into a corner. The PSP-6000 also has a built-in ramp allowing vehicles to drive over it, further maximizing garage space.

The Atlas PSP-6000 column is equipped with the chain break mechanism that automatically locks the carriage into place in the unlikely event of a chain failure. The Portable Single Post Lift rolls easily on a level concrete surface and can be used either inside or outside of your garage. The column fits under a 9-foot (108 inch) ceiling and allows the operator to raise most vehicles high enough to access many parts of the vehicle that would not be accessible with a mid-rise lift.

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Features Include

  • 6,000 lb Capacity
  • Portable
  • Lifting Height: 5' 11 2/3" (71 2/3")
  • Voltage: 110v Single Phase
  • Includes 8 Screw-Up Truck Adapters
  • 2 Year Structural, 2 Year Hydraulic Limited Warranty

Specifications Include

Overall Height 102 3/4" (8' 6 3/4")
Max. Lifting Height (Without Truck Adapters) 71 2/3" (5' 11 2/3")
Max. Clearance 68" (5'8")
Min. Height 5"
Overall Maximum Dimensions L: 111 1/2” x W: 96" x H: 102 3/4”
Column Size 10 1/2" x 12 1/2"
Distance Between Lifting Pads (Column Side to Offside) 39 1/2" - 81"
Distance Between Lifting Pads (Column Side to Column Side) 53" - 73"
Distance Between Lifting Pads (Offside Side to Offside) 54 1/3" - 91 1/2"
Locking Positions 16
Motor 110v single phase
Shipping Weight 1900 LB


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