Atlas® TC755EZ Tilt-Back Electric/Pneumatic Tire Changer w/EZ Arm

The Atlas® TC755EZ is a "professional tire dealer" or "large car dealership" tilt-back style rim clamp tire changer. This version of the Atlas® TC755 comes with the E-Z right side mounted assist arm. The E-Z arm combines the most liked features of the normal Dual Assist Arm package and includes a pressing/lifting disk, a bead roller, and a pressing block.

The TC755EZ turntable jaws (which can be covered with the standard protective plastic inserts) hold the rim securely without damaging the surface of the rim. The Atlas® TC 755 comes standard with an inflator hose and gauge and powerful built-in Bead Blaster to seat the beads on the most stubborn tires.

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Features include

  • Tilt-Back Column Tire Changer
  • EZ Assist Arm Included
  • Rim-Clamp Style
  • Extra-Large turntable, more clearance
  • Air operated jaws & bead breaker (external air supply required)
  • Electric turntable
  • Adjustable jaws, three mounting positions
  • Button-Controlled Bead Breaker (operated at blade)
  • Metal mount/demount head w/ metal roller or replaceable plastic inserts
  • Column mounted inflator box w/ gauge Included
  • Filter/Regulator/Lubricator Included
  • 20" Tire Tool Included
  • Lube Bucket with Brush Included
  • Set of Large Plastic Jaw Covers Included
  • Plastic Cover for Bead Breaker Shovel Included
  • Multiple Replacement Plastic Inserts for M/D Head Included
  • Built in "Beadblaster"
  • Replacement Parts & Wear Items Always in Stock
  • 1 Year Parts Only Warranty

    Specification include.

    • External Locking Rim Dimensions (From Narrow Position to Wide Position): 11 7/8" to 27 7/8"
    • Internal Locking Rim Dimensions (From Narrow Position to Wide Position): 13 7/8" to 29 7/8"
    • Maximum Tire Diameter: 47"
    • Maximum Wheel Width (Bead Breaker): 18"
    • Table Motor: 1 HP
    • Turntable Rotating Torque: 885 ft/lbs.
    • Bead Breaker: 5500 LB. Force
    • Air Requirement: 90-110 PSI (MUST NOT EXCEED 140 PSI)
    • Electric Requirement: 110volt
    • Shipping Weight: 900 lbs


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