Atlas® TTC306 Automatic Super Duty Truck Tire Changer, (220 Volt/3 Phase)

The Atlas® TTC-306 is very similar to the Atlas® TTC-303, but with several additional features. The remote control allows the operator to move the bead breaker disc and mount/demount head automatically. This Super Duty Atlas® truck tire changer is designed and engineered to handle rim sizes from 14 inches to 56 inches and tire diameters in excess of over 97 inches. The Atlas® TTC-306 Truck Tire Changer can easily accommodate tires with a maximum width of up to 53 inches. This is the perfect tire changer for those companies that need the extra capacity to change large agricultural and “earthmover” tires.

The automatic operation of the Atlas TTC-306 tire changer is controlled by the (wired) remote console. But the operation of this remote console may optionally be made wireless. Two advantages of the wireless feature: No wires on the shop floor, and the ability for the control console to be moved anywhere in the service area. The TTC-306 shown in the video is equipped with the wireless control unit. 

This Atlas® TTC 306 truck tire changer is designed for high volume truck, agricultural and mine truck tire shops that demand dependability and durability in their equipment. The remote controlled disc roller and demount hook allow the operator to mount or demount a tire from the remote control pedestal.

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Features Include

  • Optional TTC-306 Wireless Control Console (Price $400)
  • Solid, single-piece frame for added capacity and dependability.
  • Handles rims from 14 inches to 46 inches (up to 56 inches with clamp extensions) and tires up to 90.5 inches in diameter and 43 inches wide.
  • Bead Breaker
  • Mount/Demount Head
  • Remote-controlled, hydraulically operated tool arm saves operator effort and speeds tire-changing turnaround time.
  • Accommodates tires with a maximum width of up to 42 inches
  • Accessories Included
  • 2 speed hydraulic chuck, with 5 rim locking positions
  • 220 Volt 3 Phase Motor
  • Mobile cable control
  • Mobile control unit

Specifications Include

Atlas® TTC306 Specifications
Clamping Range 4 1/4" 56" (4' 8")
Max. Wheel Weight 3,968 lb.
Max. Wheel Diameter 98" (8' 2")
Max. Wheel Width 53" (4' 5")
Hydraulic Unit Motor Power 3 Hp/220 V [3 Phase]
Chuck Motor Power 3.5-4 Hp/220 V [3 Phase]
Operating Pressure 0 1,885 psi
Bead Breaker Force 5,930 lb.
Tool Arm Positioning Remote / Automatic
Tool Head Positioning Remote / Automatic
Packaging Size 90" (7' 6") L X 75 1/2" (6' 3 1/2") W X 44" (3' 8") H
Shipping Weight 2,260 lb.


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