Atlas 12ASL Open Front Alignment Scissor Auto Lift, 12000-lb

All Atlas® alignment scissor lifts can be surface mounted or flush mounted. Each lift comes with approach ramps for the floor mounted application or an optional set of ramps if the customer decides to flush mount the lift. There is optional Atlas RJ-6 rolling jacks that can lift the vehicle off of the runways to perform wheel service. Quality workmanship, ease of operation, straight forward installation instructions, a durable powder coat finish and the lowest prices in the Industry makes the Atlas® 12ASL 12,000 alignment scissor lift the perfect choice for the demanding fleet shops or auto service centers.


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Features include

  • Heavy Duty Construction and super- balanced lift for wheel alignment
  • Can be surfaced mounted or flush mounted
  • Very precise platform leveling accuracy
  • Mechanical safety lock with air operated engagement and release
  • Emergency manual pump for lowering
  • Overload valve included
  • Air Line Kit Included
  • Lowering speed control valve included
  • Recessed turntables and turntable covers
  • Turntable Color May Vary
  • 6 month motor/electric, 2 year structural, and 1 year hydraulic warranty

Specifications Include

Atlas® 12ASL 12,000 LB Alignment Scissor Lift Specifications
Lifting Capacity 12,000 LB
Lifting Height 84 1/4" (7' 1/4")
Overall Width 86 3/8" (7' 2 3/8")
Overall Length with Approach Ramps 250" (20' 10")
Overall Length without Approach Ramps 197" (16' 5")
Approach Ramp Length 53" (4' 5")
4-Wheel Alignment Wheelbase

Max. 168 in.
Min.  90 in.

2-Wheel Alignment Wheelbase Max. 172 in.
Min.  86 in.
Runway Width 23 3/4" (1' 11 3/4")
Lowered Height 11 1/2"
Locking Positions 19
Width Between Runways 39"
Motor/Electrical Requirement 220 volt +/- 5% (209-231volts) single (1) phase. A 30 amp breaker is required.
Oil Requirement 3.5 Gallons AW32/AW46
Shipping Weight 5000 lbs.


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