Atlas Platinum PTC700 Center Post Automated Tire Changer with Smart Technology

The Atlas® Platinum PTC700 with twin lasers are used to determine the exact 3D make up of the wheel, and from there on everything is set up to offer an automated removal and re-fit process. The ‘Smart’ technology of the PTC700 means that, during every stage of operation, the other functions become ‘dead’, meaning that is impossible to make a wrong move or accidentally activate the wrong control. Meanwhile, the patented ‘XTool’ mount and demount device guarantees a real ‘no contact’ operation. The superior design and performance of this prestigious machine is supported by a Worldwide approval by premium Car-manufacturer BMW.


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Features include

  • Center Post Tire Changer
  • Leverless tire removal
  • Shoveless Bead Breaker
  • Laser guided
  • Approved by BMW Worldwide
  • Factory Direct Order 4-8 weeks estimated arrival




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