Atlas WB49-2 PRO Premium Self-Calibrating 3D Computer Wheel Balancer

The Atlas WB49-2 Pro builds on the impressive price/performance ratio offered by the WB49-2, such as Split-Weight Function for discreetly locating the weights behind the spokes, and automatic LED light to illuminate the inside of the rim when applying the weights, but has the added benefit of Fully Automatic 3D Data Entry. As well as automatic entry of the offset and diameter via the inner measuring arm, an outer measuring arm also takes care of the rim width entry.

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Features Include

  • Higher, easy to read display
  • Large weight tray
  • Automatic positioning where to apply weights.
  • Automatic and pedal operated brake.
  • Automatic start/stop when hood is lowered/raised.
  • Static and dynamic balancing modes.
  • Rapid optimization (OPT)
  • Self-diagnosis
  • Self-calibration
  • Exceptional stability in reading the unbalance between planes.
  • Display in grams or ounces, in mm or inches.
  • No anchor-down installation needed.
  • Outer measuring arm that automatically enters rim width.
  • Shipping Weight: 390-lb

Specifications Included

Max Tire Diameter 39"
Rim Sizes (cars and light trucks) 10"-32" *
Rim Width 1 ½"-20"
Shaft Size 40mm
Max. Wheel Weight 150 LBS.
Balancing Speed 150 R.P.M
Automatic Data Entry YES   
Truck Adapter Set Optional
Warranty 1 year limited
Shipping Weight 380 LBS.
Power Supply 110V 1Ph
Motor ¼ HP
Display Standard or Metric
Accuracy 1 g
Weight Position Resolution 1.4 Degrees
Self Calibration YES

* Requires manual input of some data from 23"-32".


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