Autel ADAS Optical Positioning System, Standard, IA800

Intelligent Optical Positioning System for Autel Standard Calibration Frame; Includes 6 Hi-res Cameras, Wheel Clamps, Targets, and Power Supply; Complete ADAS Calibration Frame Positioning in as Little as 1 Minute; Do Away with Mechanical Measurements; Significantly Reduce Setup Time and Increase Positioning Accuracy; Ideal for Collision Repair, Glass Replacement, and Repair Shops; Fast, Accurate, and Infinitely Repeatable; Check Alignment Tolerances Prior to Calibration; One-year Limited Warranty; The MaxiSys IA800 Intelligent ADAS Calibration Tool enables frame placement in as little as 1 minute to make your ADAS calibrations faster, more accurate, and endlessly repeatable. This professional Optical Positioning System for the Autel Standard Calibration Frame includes 6 high-resolution cameras, wheel clamps, and targets.


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