Branick EF Air Operated Tire Spreader, BRA900-102

Work on Large Tires? Branick EF and EF-HD are the spreaders you need. Capable of handling OTR, AG and super singles with ease all day long. The tire lift and comfortable 47.75" working height eliminate back strain. Spread and lift use foot operated controls so hands are always free to perform inspection and repairs. The 360 degree rotation means you only need to lift and spread once, after that just spin the tire to the desired location.


Features include:

  • Tire lift brings tire right to spread arms.
  • Air powered spread and lift with full 360 degree rotation.
  • Foot controls for spread and lift keep hands free
  • OTR / AG / Super Single capable lift and spreader
  • 47.75 inch working height.


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