CEMB DWA1000XLT Heavy Duty Truck and Bus, Wheel Alignment System

Robust wireless eight camera CCD sensors and lightweight wheel clamps with tire grabbers make up this heavy-duty truck and bus eight camera CCD wheel alignment system. Designed with state-of-art electronics and efficient software. The operator can quickly configure the alignment process to align heavy-duty trucks from a single steer axle to seven combined steer and drive axles. Comes fully assembled.

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Features Include

  • 8 sensor CCD technology
  • DSP processing
  • PC computer, keyboard and storage cabinet standard
  • Four shock resistant BT2 wireless rechargeable truck alignment heads with charging station standard
  • Featherweight alignment heads. Only 7.5 lbs each
  • Lithium ion batteries for long life
  • MEMS static accelerometers provide the latest in measuring technology (newest measuring technology)
  • 29-1/2” wheel clamping range
  • Windows based software with multiple languages
  • Complete vehicle and customer database for Heavy Duty truck with alignment specification 30 years
  • User friendly truck software alignment program
  • Handles up to seven truck axles


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