AMGO® PRO-14A, Alignment 4-Post Auto Lift, 14,000 Capacity

The AMGO PRO-14A alignment 4-Post lift. For your alignment 4-post lift work done on everyday vehicles. This is the lift for you! With double safety locks to ensure you and your vehicle are always safe, you can feel secure with your work. Our AMGO alignment lifts offer many exclusive features not found on many other competitor’s lifts. Each AMGO PRO-14A alignment lift turntable packets can be set in different positions on the runway to accommodate a wide variety of wheelbases.

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Features include

  • 14,000 lbs Capacity
  • Airlock Released for Safety and Reliability of Convenient Operation
  • Mechanical Self-Lock and Cable-Breaking Protection
  • 1/2″ Aircraft at Quality Cable
  • Hydraulic cylinders are designed and made to high quality standards
  • Adjustable lifting platform: Off-side platform can be adjusted. Mounting position left or right as required. The standard distance between two platforms is 43 1/4”(1100mm) and maximum distance is 51 1/8”(1300mm).
  • Skid Proof Diamond Platform
  • Five-year Warranty on Steel Components, Three-year Warranty on Hydraulic Parts and Two Years on Electrical Components

Optional Accessories Available

Optional AMGO Rolling Jack: J8A 8,000lbs pneumatic pump, $2169.00

Optional AMGO Alignment Lift Turn Plates 40101, $789.00

Optional AMGO Alignment Lift Adjustable Blocks, 40905, $168.00

Optional AMGO Airline Kit, 4-Post Lifts, 40102, $169.00

More choices:
-Optional led lights: No. 40103
-Optional extension kit: No. 41203


Specifications Include:

Model PRO-14A
Style Alignment
Lifting Capacity 14,000 lbs (6,500kg)
Lifting Time 76S
A: Overall Length (Inc.Ramps) 257″ (6528mm)
B: Overall Length (No.Ramps) 216 1/2″ (5500mm)
C: Overall Width 130 7/8″ (3324mm)
D: Width Between Columns 116″ (2946mm)
E: Max. Lifting Height 75 3/8″ (1915mm)
F: Overall Height 86″ (2185mm)
G: Minimum Height 9 7/8″ (250mm)
H: Max. Underneath Height 66 3/4″ (1695mm)
I: Drive-Thru Clearance 102 1/8″ (2592mm)
J: Width Between Runways 47″ (1194mm), Max. 54 1/2″ (1385mm)
K: Outside Edge of Runways 87″ (2210mm), Max. 94 1/2″ (2401mm)
L: Min. Four Wheel Align 92 1/2″ (2350mm)
M: Max. Four Wheel Align 169 5/8″ (4310mm)
N: Max. Two Wheel Align 175 1/4″ (4450mm)
Gross Weight 3,400 lbs (1,542kg)
Motor 2.0HP, 220V/60Hz Single Phase




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