CPS Products FX3030 R134a & R1234yf Advanced Dual Gas Recovery, Recycle & Recharge - SAE J3030

CPS FX3030 Advanced Dual Gas Recovery, Recycle, and Recharge machine. CPS Products is a world-leading manufacturer of tools, instruments, and service equipment for automotive air conditioning systems that professional technicians trust above all else. With no shortage of user-friendly features and groundbreaking technology, this refrigeration management center will help you streamline your diagnostic and service time from start to finish.

Under the helm of its new FX Series, CPS has applied its vast technological knowledge gained from years in the A/C and refrigeration industry to the CPS FX3030 Advanced Dual Gas Recovery, Recycle, and Recharge machine. The cutting-edge user interface dramatically simplifies operation, so you can quickly access all functions from the main screen, and on-screen instructions eliminate the guesswork every step of the way. Seasonal technician training will soon be a thing of the past! Better yet, this system supports multiple languages and units of measurement.

Using motor-controlled ball valves, CPS has managed to significantly improve speed while reducing possible obstructions due to contaminants. With manifold mode, you can print a snapshot of pressures before and after service, which we are sure your customers will appreciate. We offer interest-free financing options for up to six months on the CPS FX3030 Advanced Dual Gas Recovery, Recycle, and Recharge as well as free shipping, so you can improve A/C services without spending a fortune all at once. Please feel free to submit your application today without any obligation to buy. Let us know if you have any questions about this SAE-certified Recovery, Recycle, and Recharge machine.

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Features Include

  • Supports multiple languages/UOM
  • A/C Systems capacity database included
  • Quickly access all functions from the main screen
  • Manifold mode enable printing a snap-shot of pressures before and after service
  • 7” Color touch screen control panel
  • Patented motor-controlled ball valves
  • Patented oil-less
  • Dual handle bars/hose drapes
  • 1-2-5 Warranty
  • All new ergonomic design
  • Displays maximum load up to 220 lbs. (up to 100 kg)
  • Refrigerant Management System monitors filter life and refrigerant usage
  • Certified to meet SAE J3030 for use in R134a and R1234yf systems

CPS Products FX1234 features

CPS Products FX134a Control Panel

Specification Include

Certification SAE J3030
Refrigerant R134a & R1234yf
1.13 Hp oilless compressor
Recovery rate = Up to 1 lb./min
6 CFM vacuum pump/ 50 micron rated
3.5” Gauges
10’ Power cord
115v, 850 W
50 lb. recovery tank (two with FX3030 and FX3030W)
Dimensions H 60" x W 27.5" x D 25"
Weight 240 lbs


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