Dynamo 28 Gallon Portable Sandblaster With Vacuum

Dynamo Sandblaster is perfect for surface preparation on flat surfaces where other forms of preparation, such as sanding are difficult or messy. Ideal for removing paint, rust, contamination, corrosion mill scale and oxidation on various surfaces.


Features Include

  • 28 gallon capacity
  • Easy operation
  • Abrasive flexibility
  • Portable
  • 110V Power

Specifications Included

28 Gallon Roll Around Sandblaster With Vacuum Specifications
Overall Dimensions: 24" L x 16" W x 40" H
Capacity: 28 Gal.
Vacuum: 110V
Blaster: 6~22.5CFM@115psi
Power: 110V
Shipping Weight: 70 LBS.


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