Flexzilla Pro FXS07V080V1, 7.5 HP, 80 Gallon, 2-Stage, Single-Phase Air Compressor with Silencer

All Flexzilla air compressors feature Quiet Technology, which uses large, low-RPM pumps and motors to reduce high frequency noise levels while increasing CFM output. Because they run slower, Flexzilla compressors also run cooler for less tank condensation and longer component life. Flexzilla stationary air compressors include the Silencer, a patent pending noise suppression system that uses baffles to reduce low frequency noise. It also filters incoming air and keeps your air system free of contamination.

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Features Include

  • QUIET TECHNOLOGY - Flexzilla stationary air compressors include the Silencer, a patent pending noise suppression system that reduces low frequency noise levels. Silencer dissipates compressor intake noise by channeling the air through a series of baffles, reducing dBA levels up to 25%. Note: Every 10 decibels represents a 50% noise change
  • 100% CAST IRON PUMP - Super-quiet low RPM two-stage pumps are constructed from solid cast iron, including cylinders, heads and crankcase. Not aluminum like our competitors. Expected life of over 50,000 hours!
  • COOL FLOW TECHNOLOGY - Industry exclusive. We raise the pump to allow air movement, adding an extra cooling feature and extending life. Premium industrial grade TEFC – Total Enclosed Fan Cooled motors are protected from debris
  • CONTINUOUS RUN FEATURE - Maximizes performance and reduces wear and tear. Eliminates frequent starts and stops by maintaining set pressure instead of cycling between set pressure and maximum PSI.
  • PREMIUM FEATURES AND COMPONENTS - Industry exclusive belt tension adjuster for quick and easy maintenance and automatic tank drain removes condensation in set intervals. Top quality pressure switch, 100% brass valves, ASME certified tank, heavy steel OSHA approved belt guards and B-style belts to ensure smooth operation.


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