Haweka 9-Piece Double Sided Low Taper Collet Kit, 36mm

Haweka Pro Collets is a 9 piece precision collet kit covering the range 52.5mm – 121mm (with an optional 10th collet available increasing the range to 126mm).  Each collet is dual sided and low tapered for an improved mounting surface to standard cones. The ¾” width of each dual side is shallow enough that it will never cause interference in the wheel hub making it a solution for clad covered wheels.  The collets in this kit must always be used on the back of the wheel and never from the front. Wheels cannot be balanced properly using collets from the front.


Features Include

  • Each collet is engraved and marked for easy identification
  • The shallow depth design is a solution for clad covered wheels
  • The collet does not touch the clips on clad covered wheels
  • The low taper provides a more accurate surface for balancing than standard cones
  • No Wheel Hub Interference
  • Collet Kit Covering The Range 52.5mm – 121mm (2.07"-4.80")
  • For 36mm Balancer Shaft Diameter.


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