Haweka Flange Plate Kit, 40mm, HW200299409

Haweka North American Flange Plate Kit with New Adaptor Tree. For balancers with a 40mm diameter shaft. Kit comes complete with four different flange plates each with letters and bolt patterns engraved. The set also includes: three sets of studs (21 studs total) and a trolley to help keep the work area orderly and mobile.

Also Available Shaft Size: 28MM, 38MM


Features Include

  • Flange Plate Kit
  • Wheel Balancer Accessories
  • Flange/ Quick Plates Kits/ Plates/ Studs/ Trolley
  • Kit Includes: WB241605-40  Flange Plate A - 4 Lug And 8 Lug Plate, WB251703-40  Flange Plate B - 5 Lug Plate,  WB251704-40  Flange Plate C - 5 Lug Plate,  WB261501-40  Flange Plate D - 6 Lug Plate,  WB271804118 Short Stud - Stud II - 24.5mm Head Diameter, 80mm Long (8 Pcs), WB271904119 Long Stud - Stud III - 24.5mm Head Diameter, 90mm Long (5 Pcs), WB271994121 SUV/Light Truck Stud - Stud V - 22.5mm Head Diameter, 100mm Long (8 Pcs) and Trolley And Vehicle Application Chart



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