Ingersoll Rand 10-HP 120-Gallon Vertical Two-Stage Air Compressor (230V 3-Phase)

Ingersoll Rand designed the reciprocating compressors to last a lifetime – thanks to quick, easy maintenance with renewable components. Easy access to the pump components allows for quick routine maintenance and replacement of parts like the stainless steel valve, individually cast cylinders, piston rings and gaskets, and the 15,000-hour bearings. This key serviceability aspect extends the life of the compressor and lets you amortize your initial capital cost over a much longer equipment life span for a superior payback on your investment.

Due to the laws of physics, there are certain aspects of reciprocating compressor design, construction and performance that have never changed – like cast-iron durability, copper-finned cooling coils, reliable lubrication and easy maintenance. That’s where Ingersoll Rand design and operating experience really pays off in terms of long-term productivity and return on investment. Ask any one of the millions of active Ingersoll Rand reciprocating compressor users around the world.

With a proven design and stellar track record, the Ingersoll Rand reciprocating compressor family has earned worldwide recognition for reliable, trustworthy performance that saves money and enhances your business success.

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Features Include

  • Continuous-Duty Operation
  • 100% cast-iron cylinders and pump
  • Oversized cast-iron balanced belt wheel
  • Oversized industrial-grade bearings
  • High Efficiency Parts
  • High-efficiency stainless steel valves
  • High-efficiency intercooler
  • High-efficiency inlet air filters with sound attenuation baffles
  • 2-Piece Connection Rods
  • Less moving parts increases reliability
  • Air Cooled Intercooler
  • Reduces compressed air temperature and condensation
  • V-Block Deep Finned Cylinders
  • Provides 360 degrees cooling for lower operating temperature
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Fully enclosed flywheel, belt and motor sheave
  • Fully Tested; Built To Order
  • All units are prewired and thoroughly tested prior to shipment; please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery
  • Ingersoll Rand Reciprocating Compressors Ship Dry
  • Use of the Ingersoll Rand Maintenance Kit extends the Factory Warranty by 1 year


  • CFM: 35
  • CFM Rated: @175 PSI
  • Pump Material: Solid Cast Iron
  • Max PSI: 175 PSI
  • Oil Sight Glass: Yes
  • Pump Type: Two-Stage
  • After Cooler: No
  • Pump Drive: Belt Drive
  • Oil Type: Oil Lubricated
  • Oil System: Splash Lubricated
  • Pump Low Oil Shut-off: No


  • Tank Size: 120 Gallons
  • Tank Outlet: 1 Inch
  • Electronic Drain Valve: No
  • Tank Orientation: Vertical


  • Weight: 1104 Pounds
  • Certification: UL/CSA/ASME
  • Consumer Warranty: 1 Year
  • Commercial Warranty: 1 Year
  • Product Length: 51 Inches
  • Product Width: 46 Inches
  • Product Height: 83 Inches
  • Power Type: Electric
  • UPC: 678384657549


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