Launch Tech C-Reader Professional Elite, CRP Elite, 301050451

The Launch Tech USA CRP Elite is a brand new high-end auto diagnostic tool based on Android 7.0. It carries on LAUNCH advantages in the vehicle diagnostic technology, such as abundant special functions, models wide coverage, powerful test functions, professional test report, etc. Also it adds the AutoDetect function to access the diagnosis in a short time. Moreover, it supports test report sharing by emails and software updating via internet much more easier and timely.


Features Include

  • Full coverage including Domestic, Asian, European vehicles 1996 and newer OBD2
  • Supports Reset functions of ABS Bleeding, Oil light, EPB, DPF, SAS
  • Read and clear DTCs of vehicle ENG, Automatic Transmission, ABS, SRS systems
  • Touch Screen 5 inch in size, 720p screen resolution with easy to use user interface
  • Diagnostic report automatically generates and share via email


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