Lift King Heavy-Duty Semi-Hood Lift Package, LKHD

The Lift King Heavy Duty Package comes with everything needed for one technician of any size to securely remove or install semi hoods of all sizes, including fiberglass and aluminum.

Once the semi hood is disconnected and ready for removal, the Lift King Main Component quickly converts from the stored position to the working position without needing any tools. The Main Component connects to the semi hood, and the hood is removed in less than five minutes including the original set up time.

This package contains the Main Component (the lift LK4000) and the Semi-hood attachment(s) (LK4037) this attachment allows a tilt and non-tilt action. The non tilt action works by resting the scoop pads under the bottom front part of the hood and you don’t have to remove the grill. The Tilt option works by adjusting the Scoop pads under the top lip of the front of the hood. For this application the grill must be removed.

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