Milton Industries MIL1002 Compressor Oil, 1 Gallon, SAE 30W

New look with an improved formula!*Experience improved lubricity and low-temperature specifications with the Air Compressor Conventional Oil from Milton. Milton air compressor oil protects against oxidation, corrosion, foaming, wear of metal parts and sludge buildup to ensure a longer compressor life. Featuring low carbon forming tendencies, this pneumatic compressor oil will quickly separate from water.The non-synthetic ISO 100 (SAE 30W) grade compressor oil is for both reciprocating and centrifugal compressors where the manufacturer specifies a non-detergent 30 weight oil. Available in: 1 gallon or 32 oz sizes.


Features Include

  • Provides exceptional wear, oxidation, and corrosion protection
  • Prevents the formation of sludge and carbon deposits
  • Non-detergent formula minimizes foaming and separates from water easily
  • Works in temperatures down to -15°F (-26°C)


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