MotorVac Carbon Clean 1000 Fuel System Cleaning and Decarbonizing Service, 500-0220

The MotorVac Clean 1000 Fuel System. Is a professional system that connects to the vehicle fuel rail has unique adapters make it easy to hook up to the vehicle's fuel rail, saving time and money. An easy to use online application guide provides visual, step by step instructions on how to attach to thousands of vehicles quickly and easily. Cleaning process includes injectors and intake valves utilizing the exclusive Hydrobond Technology.

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Features Include

  • Single line, one step operation. Closed system with premixed chemicals allows for minimal setup and fast services
  • MV 5 Maximum Strength Fuel System Cleaner and Engine DeCarbonizer
  • Online application guide that covers 1987 to current model year vehicles provides step by step instructions on how to connect to thousands of vehicles. Because it’s online, it’s always current
  • Complete set of adapters is included for fast and easy hook up. A unique manifold block assembly makes connecting to the fuel rail a simple and painless procedure
  • Diagnostic capabilities. Fuel pressure leak down detects if fuel pump/regulator or injector is leaking. Fuel volume test verifies if pump and filter are performing adequately
  • Professional heavy duty, rolling cabinet provides rugged utility with onboard storage for adapters
  • System can run unattended. An alarm buzzer tells you when the service is complete, so the vehicle can be turned off without setting “check engine” codes

Technical Specifications

  • Power Cord – 4.9 m (16ft)
  • Power Supply - 12 Volt DC Operation
  • Fuel Pressure Gauge – Vehicle and System
  • Hose - 3 m (10 ft.) Output
  • Cabinet - Rotomolded
  • Ship Weight - 20 lbs (8.6 Kg.)
  • Ship Height - 41“ (104 cm.)
  • Ship Width - 24” (61 cm)
  • Ship Depth - 19” (48 cm)
  • One year warranty

The Need for Fuel Service

The automotive landscape is changing. Engines are being built with the environment in mind, and have more emissions and fuel control systems than ever before. In our uncertain global economy, refiners have moved to lower quality crude oils which produce fuels with poor combustion characteristics. Today’s fuels also contain ever increasing amounts of ethanol which cause many more engine and fuel system problems. At the same time producers are including fewer detergent additives. These factors contribute to the build-up of carbon deposits within the engine which have been proven to hinder a vehicle’s performance and fuel economy. The best way to actively restore an engine’s functionality is to perform regular professional fuel system cleaning and engine decarbonizing services.

Why use CarbonClean 1000

After recognising the need for fuel cleaning services, our MotorVac team looked at what is currently offered in the market today. Induction services are relatively quick and simple to perform, but fail to distribute product to all cylinders and do not provide a thorough cleaning. Fuel rail hook ups provide the most effective results, but in the past have been overlooked due to complexity of disabling the fuel pump and connecting to the fuel rail. The CarbonClean 1000 was designed to overcome these challenges while providing the thorough cleaning of a fuel rail and engine decarbonizing service, with the convenience of a simple hook up utilizing our online application guide and easy to use fuel adapter connect set. Once the service is near completion a warning buzzer is activated eliminating a check engine light at end of service. Furthermore, the CarbonClean 1000 offers fuel pump performance diagnostic capabilities as well as fuel system functionality.

Everything you need to provide - The Tune-Up for the 21st Century®

  • - Complete, professional fuel injection cleaning and engine decarbonizing service
  • - Unique time saving adapter system makes connecting to the rail simple and fast
  • - An easy to use online application guide provides visual, step by step instructions on how to attach to thousands of vehicles quickly
  • - Built in diagnostic capabilities
  • - Premixed detergent solution utilizes MotorVac's proprietary CarbonClean chemistry
  • 1 Year Warranty


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