Sunex 7796 Air Hydraulic Telescoping Transmission Jack, 2-Stage, 1,000-lb Capacity

Sunex Air Hydraulic Transmissions Jack has four full swivel ball bearing mounted caster wheels for easy maneuverability. Front casters can be easily locked to prevent the jack from rolling if necessary. Use for removal, installation and transporting of transmissions and transfer cases on vehicles that are supported by lifts. All Sunex Product, Quality you can trust. - Shop Now


Features include:

  • Fully adjustable lifting saddle with four ratchet adjustment fingers that quickly adjust to the transmission pan configuration
  • Low lift height of 35” for easy transfer of transmission from jack to work bench. Maximum lift height of 75” accommodates all technicians
  • Foot activated pedal raises air cylinder's ram to maximum load in seconds. Manual pump second stage quickly raises lifting saddle to desired and precise work height
  • Convenient hand grip for pushing or pulling load when the load is in the lowered position
  • Heavy duty nylon locking strap with ratchet fingers for securing the load to the lifting saddle


  • Required Air Pressure 100 PSI
  • Low Height 35"
  • Raised Height 75"
  • Saddle Forward Tilt 37°
  • Saddle Backward Tilt 26°
  • Saddle Lateral Tilt 12° left and right.    
  • Base 30-1/4" square
  • Shipping Weight 145 lbs.


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