Triumph Classic 8, 4-Post Parking lift, 8,000-lb Capacity, (Short Runways)

Triumph NSS-8SQ Classic four post storage lift design made to fit in your garage. We simply made the overall length shorter, 2.5 feet shorter at just under 12 feet total length. Nothing else changed. The lifting height and width are still the same as our standard model NSS-8 so you get all the range while making it easier to fit in your garage. Comes standard with 3 plastic drip trays, caster kit to move the lift, 1 metal jack tray.

Aluminum Approach Ramps are standard. These approach ramps are made with lightweight aluminum (with underside reinforcement) so they are easy to move yet very sturdy.

Optional SJ-35 Hydraulic Center Slide Jack available. This sliding hydraulic vehicle jack is the perfect choice for the owner of the Triumph NSS8 Series 4-Post car lift. The Triumph SJ-35 Sliding Jack has telescoping arms that can be extended over the runways of the four-post lift. The lift pads at the end of these arms can be positioned under the LIFTING POINTS (that are located over the runways of the four-post lift) of the vehicle allowing the operator to access many more LIFTING POINTS than just using the jack tray.

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Specifications Include

  • 8,000 lbs
  • Removable Aluminum Approach Ramps standard
  • Power Unit: UL Listed Plug 
  • Power Unit: Steel Oil Reservoir - competitors are plastic
  • Safety Linkage: Enlarged Lock Linkage - 33% larger than competitors
  • 141" Overall Length without approach ramps - 2.5 feet shorter than standard NSS-8
  • 84" Overall Height
  • 106" Overall Width
  • 72" Lifting Height
  • 69" Under Runway on top lock
  • 132" Runway length
  • 36" Removable Aluminum Approach
  • 93" Drive thru width
  • 18" Runway width
  • 37" Between runways
  • 10 Lock Positions
  • Cable Diameter Size: 3/8"
  • 110 Volt Power
  • Includes: Caster Kit, 3-Drip Trays, Jack Plate and Light Weight Aluminum Approach Ramps.


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