Triumph NOS9000XLT Longer and Taller, 4 Post Parking Lift, 9,000-lb

The Triumph Longer and Taller, Service Storage 4 Post Auto Lift NOS9000-XLT has boxed-steel columns that create incredible strength that eliminate twisting and bending. Safety first 5/8″ thick, 12″ x 12″ baseplates that better support loads on different floor surfaces and finishes. Surrounded by exterior steel sleeves that retain solid capture of the lift columns. Your vehicle will be safe and secure, supported at all times. Also tipping is decreased by cradling columns with steel sleeves that interlock. Lift includes Aluminum Approach Ramps, Casters, Drip Trays, Jack Plate with oil drain.

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Specifications include

  • Lifting Capacity: 9,000 lbs.
  • Overall Height: 107"
  • Overall Length: 239.5"
  • Overall Width: 119"
  • Lifting Height: 85"
  • Height Under Runway: 80.5"
  • Runway Length: 191.5"
  • Drive Thru Width: 99"
  • Runway Width: 18"
  • Runway Lowered Height: 5"
  • Locking Positions: 15"
  • Lock Release: Single Point
  • Lifting Time: 40"
  • Power Unit Voltage: 110
  • Shipping Weight: 2270-lb


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