Triumph NT-9 Baseplate 2 Post Auto Lift, 3-Stage Arms, 9000-Lb Capacity


The Triumph Floor Plate NT-9 comes with commercial grade dual hydraulic chain-drive cylinders, symmetric arms, 3-Stage front arms with automatic arm restraints and dual point lock release. The open-top design of this lift makes it ideal for garages with low ceilings. The Triumph NT-9 can lift a range of the most common vehicles on the market, both foreign and domestic, while also having the capacity to handle light-duty trucks. Making it perfect for most general repair, tire and body shops. 

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Specifications include.

  • Lifting Capacity  9000 lbs.
  • Overall Height    111"
  • Overall Width     132"
  • Width Between Posts 106" (Width up at the mirror height of vehicle)
  • Drive Thru Width 96" (Width at the tires of vehicle on floor)
  • Lifting Height      72"
  • Lowered Height  4.5"
  • Base Plate Size 19"x17"
  • Truck Adapters Yes
  • Lock Release Dual Point
  • Electric Safety Shutoff No
  • Concrete PSI 3,000
  • Motor  3 Horse Power
  • Voltage  220 Volts
  • Lifting Time  40 seconds
  • Shipping Weight - 1,303 lbs.
  • 2 stage arms 34-49''
    3 stage arms 28-48''
    center pin to center pad


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