Triumph NTC-AS Tire Changer Motorcycle Adapters

The tire changer motorcycle/ATV adapter kit is used to increase the outside clamping range of the wheel clamp jaws. The adapters are installed over the existing wheel clamp jaws and then secured with a screw bolt to prevent movement during use. The adapters not only increase or decrease the clamping range but also the elevation above the turntable. You can use the plastic wheel clamp covers on the motorcycle/ATV adapter kit. You will not be able to use the bead blast system while using the motorcycle/ATV adapter kit. The motorcycle/ATV adapter kit, when installed, blocks the air holes for the bead blast system.

Increased Clamping Range - 4" + Original Clamping Range

Decreased Clamping Range - 8" - Original Clamping Range


NTC-AS Tire Changer Motorcycle Adapters, Only Guaranteed to fit Triumph Brand machines


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