Woodward Fab Square Corner Notcher WFSN

The Woodward Fab Sheet Metal Square Corner Notcher is unlike hand operated notchers the upper blade is scalloped so as there is only a single cutting edge working at a time where most other notchers have 2 contact areas, so only 1/2 the force is required to make a notch. Foot operated sheet metal corner notcher notches up to 16 gauge (1/16") sheet metal effortlessly. 

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Features include

  • Foot operated sheet metal corner notcher
  • 3″ x 3″ tool steel blades, hardened and precision ground
  • Adjustable blade gap
  • Adjustable gibs on the ram for a lifetime of use
  • Notch up to 16 gauge mild steel like butter
  • Adjustable table stops for repetitive notching
  • Notches larger than 90 degrees can be made in multiple hits
  • Weight: 170 lbs


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